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Origin of Usui Reiki level system

What is a Usui Reiki level?

A Usui Reiki level is a degree of initiation that sums up the reiki symbols and techniques learned up to a certain point. Everyone's journey is unique and so is the way up the Reiki ladder. Take your time! You don't have to go through all the levels of Reiki and master all Reiki symbols unless you feel you need to do so or intend to become a practitioner. You can learn elemental reiki and complete the first level of Reiki as part of your own personal development or bring harmony and healing into your life. Although many teachers tell you they can take you through the 1st level and 2nd Usui Reiki level courses over a weekend or so, such courses have 'no value', because they are no different than taking an advanced driving test one day after taking your basic test.


Reiki is about practicing the techniques and not just storing and applying theoretical knowledge. You get good at mastering Reiki by continually practicing what you have learned at each level before moving on to the next.


The earliest archeological findings related to Reiki have been discovered in Tibet, and were dated 10,000 years ago. Evidence suggests that Reiki was also known in India, approximately 2,500 years ago and also in Egypt, Greece, Rome and China. Reiki knowledge is said to have been popular among indigene groups all over the world, until the Western colonialism era, when it was lost because of battles and conflicts.

Role of Dr. Mikao Usui

In the early 1900's, the Japanese scholar Mikao Usui found the Reiki knowledge written on an ancient Sanskrit sutra (book of knowledge written in Sanskrit) which contained the 7 Reiki symbols, along with their meanings and use. But the document didn't say anything about the attunement formulas, with which someone is empowered with Reiki. Usui was advised to start a meditation fast to cleanse his body and get a better understanding of the symbols and their power. So he went to the top of Mount Kurama where he fasted and meditated for 21 days after which something happened. He had a sudden moment of deep understanding, enlightenment about how the life energy already flowing within him can be easily accessed and used for healing.

The Reiki School

Usui proved himself and others that he had a healing power that was different from his own energy. He then established the first Reiki School, where people drawn to learning Usui Reiki level system could receive a temporary attunement to Reiki. A temporary attunement would last for a few days and if they started to heal themselves and others, and returned, they would receive another attunement. Again, if they used the energy and returned, then they would go on like that for about a year, when they finally received permanent attunements of the 1st level of Reiki. However, the people initiated in the 1st level of Reiki were not told about the existence of a 2nd level, because Usui wanted them to become committed to healing and not returning for a mere energy boost.
So, if they continued to heal people and themselves and still returned, after another year they were introduced to 2nd level of Reiki and so on. This is how Usui introduced numerous people to Reiki and some of them progressed through the entire seven Usui Reiki level system.

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