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The Solar plexus chakra

solar chakra sign

The name of the Solar plexus chakra - Manipura - comes from the Sanskrit word that means place of jewels. The main role of Solar Plexus chakra is to maintain us physically & mentally active and guide us to a long natural health. It is our own center of power where we hold our gut feelings and where we form our experiences. It also regulates digestion, metabolism, liver, stomach, adrenals and the nervous system. Located right above the navel, this energy center is the focal point of our power, will, ego, authority, self-control and discipline.
This reiki chakra regulates the spleen, pancreas, stomach and the liver. It is one of our main power reiki chakras and also the center of the etheric-psychic intuition, a non-specific sense of knowledge, a vague, non-specific sense of size, shape and intent of our being.
The main role of the Solar plexus chakra is to create a center for life as well as emotional energies. It is considered that the third chakra forms the best between the ages of 15 and 21. Its purpose is to create a shaping of being and it is also related to transformation and purification.

Solar plexus chakra balancing

Our chakras are constantly moving in and out of balance and get clogged. This is normal, but when the imbalance persists for too long, it is translated into physical illness.

There are several ways to third chakra cleansing, including:

medytation solar chakra

- Yoga chakras exercises

- soft music (the vibration of the music is the same   range as the vibration of the   perfectly balanced   chakra)

- use the gemstones or crystals (the vibration   rate of the crystal will attune the   vibration of   the chakra)

- swimming, walking

- remain in a state of love, joy and happiness,   laughter

Common addictions related to the Solar plexus chakra:

  • Sugar - Caffeine - Food - compulsive cleaning

Gemstones and flower essences that cleanse and stimulate the solar plexus chakra:

Gemstones - citrine, jasper, amber, sunstone, golden topaz, yellow tourmaline

Flower essences - chamomile, golden yarrow, peppermint


Herbs that stimulate the third chakra:

Celery - Caraway - club moss - cinnamon - gentian - ginger - horehound - lily of the valley - mastic -roots - rosemary - rowan - rue - saffron - thyme

You know that your Solar plexus chakra is imbalanced, when you experience:

- Digestion problems, diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, depression, panic attack,   hepatitis, cirrhosis, adrenal imbalances, arthritis

- Fear, anger, depression, obsession, worries, drugs

- Over work.

When the chakra is open and balanced, you feel:

- Emotionally fulfilled.

- Energetic, outgoing, and have a friendly attitude towards the world.

- Joyful and have a sense of fitting perfectly in the universe.

- Confident and willing to take risks.

- Successful in material world.

Your chakra is overactive, when:

- You act upon ambition, pride, fear, desires and passions.

- You constantly need the company of other people and are unable to feel good   with yourself alone.

- You can become narrow-minded and relentless.

Your chakra is blocked, when:


- You tend to block your feelings, or only experience   shallow emotions.

- You may feel only negative emotions such as anxiety,   panic or worry.

- You are unable to enjoy life.

- You have a fear of change


Gemstones and flower essences that cleanse and stimulate the solar plexus chakra:

Gemstones - citrine, jasper, amber, sunstone, golden topaz, yellow tourmaline

Flower essences - chamomile, golden yarrow, peppermint

To awaken or balance this chakra, you should:

- Express your feelings, touch and feel more.

- Breathe with your diaphragm.

- Rub your belly, below your rib cage and visualize a bright yellow energy.

- Do aerobics, swimming, walking.

Solar plexus chakra balancing allows us to reach deep into our own sense of self-worth and find our balance and life purpose. We can learn reiki and complementary alternative medicine techniques to reconnect with our Higher Self in a nurturing way. Reiki stress relief methods will bring us inner peace, calmness and feel centered with our whole being.

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