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The Sacred Path Reiki - molding energy with your thoughts

Dr. Jeffrey R. Palmer, a reputable scientist, once said that "your thoughts are the currencies with which you exchange energy with the universe". Energy runs within us at all levels on sacred path reiki channels, so we can also talk about healing at the level of thought. We can name it "thought-energy", which is at the base of dis-comfort, dis-order, dis-ease.

Your thoughts create reality


The sacred path reiki says you have thousands of thoughts everyday going through your mind on and if you are like most people, you pay very little attention to what you are actually thinking about. Or better said, you don't think about how your thoughts make you feel. You may simply allow random thoughts to run freely, with no control.
It makes no difference whether your thoughts are positive or negative. Just as the Universal Laws are neutral, your thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) have a correspondent in physical reality. The difference resides in the outcome: positive thoughts allow the flow of energy and promote healing, while negative thoughts create blockages in the natural flow of energy, which leads to physical illness.
Think about how we feel when we fall in love; everything seems possible. We have more energy, make plans, look forward to waking up the next day. Then, the rest of the world begins to change and all of the sudden people are smiling everywhere, we get a raise, have more fun and set new goals.

How to choose your thoughts

What you are feeling shows what you are thinking. You can choose your thoughts based on how they make you feel and by increasing the superconscious level of how you think. Using your emotional guidance system you can classify your feelings into the ones that make you feel good and the ones that don't.

Good feelings include hope, belief, abundance, prosperity, passion, love, enthusiasm and joy. The bad feelings, on the other hand, include despair, fear, guilt, jealousy anger and shame. Observing how you feel, will help you act in a way that is in alignment with what you are wanting.

Learn to declutter your mind

To increase the superconscious state of how you think, start observing your own words, thoughts and attention. Eliminate all the gossip, negative thoughts like jealousy or fear and focus your thinking into a short positive phrase, repeated intentionally at least once a day.


The fact that you can control your thoughts using the sacred path reiki, even if for a little while, proves that you and your thoughts are not one and that thoughts are just thoughts. Choose to anchor your concentration on your breathing, a constant sound, a word, or a short phrase.
Let go of all the other thoughts and just focus on your object of thought. Feel the stillness of pure consciousness underneath the noise and with that state of relaxation, feel that clarity. You can reach this state by learning the sacred path reiki and dr mikao usui'ss ways to attune to reiki.
When you start directing your thoughts and learn to control your focus, you can say that you have Mind Power. Since birth, we are the product of other people's habitual way of thinking, until we reach the point where we start to discover who we really are and reclaim control over our life.
When you start taking control of your own mind, you can create anything you want, by choosing the thoughts that make you feel good and mold the energy with them.

Once you start observing the sacred path reiki and the way your thoughts determine the way you feel, you can change your belief system, and take all-new types of actions. If you focus on feeling good and do things that make you feel good, you raise your vibration.

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