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Welcome to The Reiki Blog

Featuring all the latest content on this website, including articles on Reiki,Reiki symbols, chakras, holistic healing, meditation, and much, much more.


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Jun 20, 2017

Recommend your healer

Recommend your healer, let everyone know about him or her, and their gift to heal and help others

Continue reading "Recommend your healer"

Jun 20, 2017

Reiki healing questions

Let your questions be answered by others. You can ask or answer any reiki question here. Help and be helped.

Continue reading "Reiki healing questions"

Jun 20, 2017

Your Reiki Forum

Choose your forum and write a story about the subject. You can become a part of this website, just simply share you story with others

Continue reading "Your Reiki Forum"

Jun 20, 2017

you have psychic abilities

Do you think you have psychic abilities, say why? Have you ever said to yourself: I think sometimes I am tuned in to things or sensitive about things. Share it and enjoy

Continue reading "you have psychic abilities"

Jun 20, 2017

Miracles healing

Miracles healing forum. Share your unusual story and divine recovery here.

Continue reading "Miracles healing"

Jun 20, 2017

Lucid Dreaming forum

A lucid dream is considered to be a dream in which the sleeper is aware of the fact that there is a dream in progress. Share your experience here :)

Continue reading "Lucid Dreaming forum"

Jun 20, 2017

life changed after an attunement

The Reiki attunement is a method to gain ability to heal. Share your experience with an Reiki attunements with us :)

Continue reading "life changed after an attunement"

Jun 20, 2017

funniest story during the Reiki treatment

Become part of this website by simply sharing you Reiki story with other people. Pick a subject from our forum and write a story about it. Enjoy :-)

Continue reading "funniest story during the Reiki treatment"

Jun 20, 2017

experience with energy sensing

According to people reports, the feeling someone experiences during the Reiki spiritual healing is the sensation of energy flowing and tingling. Some say they felt like a black hole disappeared from their mind

Continue reading "experience with energy sensing"

Jun 20, 2017

during the Reiki attunement

What did you feel during the Reiki attunement? Share it with us and get your own page here!

Continue reading "during the Reiki attunement"







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