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Crown chakra - connection with spirituality


The magic of reiki works so that we can balance the 7 healing chakras naturally. These 7 wheels are receivers and transmitters for subtle energies on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Since the word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel', each chakra vibrates or rotates at a different speed. While The Root chakra - he first - rotates at the slowest speed, the crown chakra or seventh and highest chakra rotates at the highest speed. The Crown chakra vibrates and rotates at highest speed, as a consequence of its amazing dynamism, derived from the power of thought. Chakras can be stimulated both by sound and by a complimentary color. The representative color for the Crown chakra is violet, commonly associated with spirituality, with self growth and empathy.




The seventh chakra, also known as Shasrara, is located at the very top of the head and it is associated with absolute wisdom, our Spirit, our connection with the Universe, our Unity with all that exists, and Enlightenment. Essentially, the Crown Chakra enhances self improvement, self respect and inner wisdom. All these are vital aspects of self healing.


Benefits of crown chakra balancing:

Balancing our highest chakra improves our relationships by:

  • giving us a sense of empathy and unity with other people,
  • feeling totally connected at a spiritual level.

This chakra is our gate to the higher state of consciousness and ultimately to our Enlightenment. When we experiences a sense of separation from the spiritual state of consciousness, we close the crown chakra. We tend to feel isolated and alone, creating imbalances in the energy flow. The Crown chakra makes us realize that all that is perceived is just an extension of our own consciousness.


The 7th and the highest chakra is related to the Inner Light, also called White Light, and considered to be the most subtle element of which the entire physical universe is created. Inner light is an inherent instrument of introspection; it allows us to attain a higher state of consciousness on our path to Enlightenment. The seventh chakra begins to work as a receiver of psychic information and spiritual impressions, whenever it is stimulated. Chakra balancing and healing included the work of the cerebrum, which contains most of the human brain and is responsible for our main psychic abilities. Neurons are firing in the cerebrum, creating new pathways to other areas within it. Once these pathways are opened, universal life force energy is directed to dormant cells, which become active so as we can gradually use our untapped abilities. Often pictured as a lotus flower opening to allow spiritual awakening in an individual, the seventh chakra is the last wheel through which the life force energy is dispersed from the universe into the lower 6 chakras. The Crown chakra becomes a powerful tool to communicate with our spiritual nature during reiki attunement ceremonies conducted by holistic practitioners.

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