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Meditation techniques used by Dr.Mikao

According to Hiroshi Doi, a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, Mikao Usui was deeply concerned about the ultimate purpose of life and after 3 years of fruitless research and meditation techniques, he turned to a Zen master who told him that the purpose of life could only be revealed through death.

Usui's Lotus Sutra meditation

mikao usui

The Lotus Sutra (ancient text) is widely regarded as one of the most important sacred scriptures of Buddhism, whose defining belief is that all people can reach an enlightened state and find their personal power. So, Usui's eagerness to find the ultimate truth, lead to his 21-day meditation techniques and fast, called "The Lotus Repentance", also known as the Lotus Sutra on Mt. Kurama.


Usui's reiki attunement

On his way to the meditation retreat, Usui took 21 small stones with him and every day, he would throw away one stone, to keep track of time. Every morning, faced east, he used meditation techniques and on the night of the 20th day, he felt as if he were near death and the next day, in a moment of complete insight (satori), when his mind had no blockages coming from the subconscious, the answer came to him.
As he threw the last stone, a bright light appeared and hit him in his Third Eye, and he began to see a beautiful rainbow of colors, with bubbles of gold, blue and violet, each containing a symbol.

The reiki symbols revealed

He received his reiki attunement to each reiki symbol and had complete understanding of their healing powers. Even more, he found his answer: the ultimate life purpose was "Anshin Rytsu Mei" - the state of mind totally in peace, when one knows what to do with their life. According to his memorial stone, he experienced an enlightenment or 'satori' that led to the development of Reiki. He did these meditation techniques five times during his lifetime. Four miracles took place after this spiritual journey and raised within him the urge to help as many people as possible.
The first one was that as he was headed back from the mountain, he stabbed his toe and, like anyone would do, he grabbed his leg and the bleeding stopped instantly. After his satori experience, Usui looked for a way to bring others to this level of awareness, which resulted in the development of Reiki. The main goal of Reiki is to find inner peace and the awareness of our connection to and place in the Universe and a peaceful mind.

The significance of Mt. Kurama

Mount Kurama, where Mikao Usui received his reiki attunement and practiced his meditation techniques is a holy mountain. Located near Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, Mount Kurama is the spiritual heart of Japan and there are a thousand temples representing numerous deities.
There is another significance of Mount Kurama and it is related to martial arts, as it is the place where mountain spirits are believed to have given the secrets of fighting to the Samurai. So, although Reiki is usually understood by the western world as a tibetan holistic healing method, its original purpose was for personal and spiritual growth and learning meditation techniques. Using the unlimited reiki energy, we can reach enlightenment to know our true purpose in life and find the spiritual path and ultimately achieve satori.

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