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Use Reiki crystals, stones to add extra power to your therapy

The powerful influence of reiki crystals in the healing art has long been acknowledged, ever since the ancient times of Egyptian Pharaohs. Color vibration resonates directly with the energy of our body & mind and body & spirit.

The reiki crystals accelerate the healing process and the power of the Source Energy to remove emotional, mental or spiritual blockages on the path to well-being.

Choosing your Reiki crystals - stones

Before you start the reiki treatments, make sure your reiki crystals are cleansed and ready for your holistic healing. Clearing the stones is necessary before using any of them, as the clearer the energy of ethereal crystals, the more powerful it is.

Small soft tumbled stones are great for the crystal healing session. Also, choose stones that are the right size, neither too heavy, nor too small. Look for flat stones, as they are much easier to place on the patient's body. And choose to have at least two ethereal crystals of each color, even though they are not the same type of stone.


Use stones of the same color as the chakras

One of the easiest ways to cleanse, stimulate and balance the chakras is to put a stone of the same color on each area. You can use color as guideline to choosing a crystal. This will help the chakras return to a healthy vibration and heal the part of the body that is not at ease.

1. Root chakra - physical and survival issues

Use a red (garnet, ruby, jasper etc) or black stone (black hematite and obsidian) to place at the base of the spine or choose two red stones and put one near the top of each leg. Red stones are related to the base chakra.

2. Sacral chakra - emotional Issues

For the sacral chakra choose an orange crystal stone (carnelian, orange jasper, fire agate, dark citrine, topaz, copper etc) to place on the lower abdomen.

3. Solar plexus chakra - mental and will issues

For the solar plexus choose a yellow stone (amber, rutilated quartz crystal, tiger's eye, citrine, iron pyrites etc) and put them between the navel and the thoracic cage.

4. Heart chakra - love and spiritual issues

You can heal the heart chakra at the centre of the chest with a green (green aventurine, malachite, bloodstone, moss agate, peridot, amazonite, jade, emerald etc). You can also use a pink crystal stone (rose quartz crystal, rhodonite, kunzite, rhodocrosite etc) or pink stone (rose Quartz, pink marble, pink calcite) to clear emotional blockages.

5. Throat chakra - communication issues

The throat chakra can be healed using a light blue stone (turquoise, blue lace agate, celestite, aquamarine etc). Put the stone at the base of the throat, right above the breastbone.

6. Third Eye chakra - intuition

Use indigo or dark blue stones (lapis lazuli, sodalite, kyanite, azurite, sapphire etc) to heal the Third Eye chakra, located in the centre of the forehead. Or, you can also any other purple stone, like amethyst.

7. Crown chakra - higher spiritual understanding

The crown chakra located at the very top of the head, can be stimulated and cleansed using a clear quartz crystal. If you put a dark blue reiki crystal at the brow, you can place a violet stone like iolite, amethyst, or fluorite at the crown chakra.

Sometimes, people choose to hold a reiki crystal in their hands during the treatment. Some suggestions include:

Grounding issues: hematite, tiger's eye, black tourmaline, red jasper, smoky quartz

Anxiety: amethyst, rhodochrosite, aquamarine

Relationship issues: rose quartz

Spirituality issues: clear quartz, chrysocolla, amethyst

Our bodies are a flowing stream of energy, continually rearranging itself. All illnesses are rooted in our bodies and Reiki crystals and new age therapy can open the ways to recharge and rebalance our energy field in order to be able to heal itself and create abundance prosperity reiki harmony.

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