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Pet psychic - Inside your pet's mind

piperI'm sure that as a pet owner, you're dying to be a pet psychic and know everything that goes on in the heads of your pets. Are they simple-minded beings acting on instinct? Or, do they know more than we ever imagined about the work around them and the humans who share their lives?
If only we had pet psychic abilities! If only we could somehow find a way to communicate with them in a way that is clear and easy for us to understand.

Here are 4 ways to improve your animal communication with your pets:

1. Visualize what you want them to do, not the opposite.

If you want to have a good pet psychic communication with your animal, visualize what you want him to do and not the other way around. Remember that your animal perceives your mental pictures and they appear to be much clearer to him than your verbal commands.

my cat

For example, if you're yelling at your dog 'Don't jump on the table!' while keeping in your head a picture with your dog on top of the table, he will definitely perceive your mental picture and, guess what: your dog will immediately jump on the table.

When you end up angry yelling at him, your dog won't understand what the reason of your rage is, as he listened to your mental command and immediately jumped on the table, just as you mentally suggested him. To improve communication with your animal, visualize what you want him to do and not visualize what you don't want him to do.

2. Treat your animals with respect.

One of the best ways to improve your animal communication is to show them respect, as with humans. Imagine you were at your animal's place and see how you would feel if you had a disrespectful master. Treat your animal as you would treat a human being, with all the respect.

3. Give your animals the right to choose and options.

Another tip to improve animal communication is to give your pet some options and let it choose. Treat him with respect and explain him the reasons for each one of your actions.

4. Listen to your animal.


Sometimes, the best way to improve animal communication is to just listen. Stop anything else and just listen to your animals. At the beginning, you may not hear anything, but if you keep practicing this, in time you might begin to initiate telepathic communication with them.

The universal interspecies language is telepathy. Sometimes, our animals know more about us and the world around them than we realize. They connect to our thoughts and emotions, pick up our feelings and reflect them back to us.

Some pets come into our lives to teach us something and some come to us to learn, while others come to share a lesson with us. A pet psychic can help us understand all of this and enhance our relationship with our pets.

Reiki for animals can be a wonderful alternative to traditional pet care. Essential reiki for animals works in the same way as for people, though rei ki sessions for pets tend to be shorter.

Through pet psychic communication, we can listen to what our animals are saying and appreciate them for what they can teach us about love, life and loyalty.

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