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Kundalini Channels

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word and it refers to the dormant Source Energy energy that is located at the base of the spine. Nadis are channels made up of astral matter that carry Source Energy currents into our body. The energy enters through the Root chakra and rises up the spine through these channels until they get out through the Crown chakra into our energy field. You can arouse the Kundalini reiki energy by meditation with reiki or breathing techniques, which activates it to rise upwards and open the chakras. As it moves upwards the spine, kundalini is said to generate altered states of consciousness and enhance your spiritual enlightenment.


The Channels


Apart from the 7 reiki chakras, there is another network of subtle channels, which carry the Life Energy into our bodies. There are 14 major channels (nadis) and the 3 most important are Ida, Pingala and the central Sushumna. Ida and Pingala, are two nerve currents located on each side of the spinal column. The left one is Ida and the right is Pingala, Ida is cooling and Pingala is heating.

The central channel, Sushumna, rises through the spine starting just below the first Root chakra and moves toward the Crown chakra, on top of the head. Sushumna is the channel of ascent, the power which sustains our evolution and guides us, towards further awareness and levels of consciousness.

The right channel, also called the Sun Channel, is related to planning and to our physical and mental actions. Its termination is the ego, which gives us the idea of I-ness that makes us think we are separated from the world. When this right side requires more energy, the left side becomes weak and the desire to have joy of the Spirit vanishes. But when the right side is more powerful, the personality becomes rough and aggressive.

Ida is our left channel, also called the Moon channel, which play a role in our conduit for the energy of our desires. Our emotions are triggered by desires / wishes. Actually, emotions are wishes that have not yet been fulfilled. Our desires are essential for action. They are the result of the contrasting world we live in and without their stimulation we would have nothing to act upon. The biggest quality of the left side is to provide joy, which is the true nature of the Spirit.

Remember when you were a child and had this kind of unconditional joy, or you may have seen it in 2-3 year old children. They usually wake up in the morning happy and although they may experience physical and emotional pain a few times a day, they forget about it. They cry, get better and return to the state of joy. To conclude, once our Kundalini reiki energy has been activated and has risen through the central channel and out the Crown chakra, we become aware of the vast universe of our subtle system. This enlightenment or awareness is just the beginning of our greatest adventure.

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