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The Third Eye Chakra - the gate to your sixth sense

third eye

We are gradually becoming aware of our true nature as spirits in physical bodies that are here to participate in physical reality. Without our bodies, we couldn't be a part of it. Le's think of our physical body as a vehicle that takes us through this physical universe using the self mind control.

Why the Third Eye is not always open

Apart from our physical eyes, we have another eye, which has long been acknowledged and documented by humanity. It is called the Third Eye or the Pineal Gland and it connects to our inner world, because it is considered the Seat of the Soul. The reason we often forget that we are truly spiritual beings is because we get overwhelmed by the limitations of time and space and do not use our self mind control.
The process of growing up means that we have to learn to use our physical body, we learn to walk, speak and behave according to social rules. This process focuses our attention to the physical senses. Think about it, sight is like looking through two holes, thus very limited. But we can pull our inner eye from the physical eyes and this is called opening third eye, in a passive observing way. We use our eyes to observe the physical reality. Our eyes send the perceived visual signal to the brain, which decodes the images by comparing them to other images stored in visual memories.

Our Third Eye is the Pineal Gland

3rd eye chakra

The 3rd Eye is located in the center of the brain, a little behind the root of the nose and right behind the eyes. When it is activated, you feel a tension at the base of the brain, especially when connecting to higher frequencies. Recent scientific research has pointed out that the Pineal Gland contains light-sensitive cells, similar to those of the eye's retina, which proves that the Pineal Gland can actually "see" beyond the physical realm. Ultimately, the Third Eye is the gate that leads to the inner spiritual worlds and stimulating the Third Eye reiki chakra is a direct way of expanding your awareness and consciousness and discovering your core values.

How to activate the Third Eye

We can achieve that by various chakra cleansing techniques. To activate the Third Eye Chakra and connect to higher dimensions, both the Pineal and the Pituitary Glands must have the same vibration. This can be achieved through reiki technique of relaxation. When the connection between personality (through the Pituitary Gland) and the soul (through the Pineal Gland) is established, an energy field is created. Reiki technique of meditation and visualization is the first step in shifting the reiki energy towards our inner self and opening third eye. Then, the creative imagination visualizes something and the mind brings that visualization into material form. By opening third eye, we also develop our intuition.

Brain waves Binaural Beats recordings

What the 3rd eye can reveal is absolutely amazing, therefore it is highly recommended that you listen to Binaural Beats recordings. Our brain vibrates between different frequencies:

  • Beta - High attention
  • Alpha - Mild Meditation
  • Theta - Deep Meditation (the place where miracles happen)
  • Delta - Deep Sleep

Binaural Beats are specially created sound frequencies that change your brainwaves and influence your moods, without any subliminal messages. The information about the higher planes is not recorded in normal state of waking consciousness, until your intuition becomes strong enough and learn to use the self mind control.
You will feel that your intuition or hunches will become more consistent when the Third Eye becomes more powerful. We are now on the journey from the spiritual to physical and back to spiritual worlds and as we move forward in our evolutionary journey, the Pineal Gland will become much larger and rise from its state of dormancy, allowing us to get back our astral and spiritual origins. So, to conclude, think of the Third Eye Chakra as a switch that can activate higher energy frequencies and lead to advanced states of consciousness.

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