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Mikao Usui's quest for Reiki spiritual enlightenment

There are questions and answers. Most of the answers come from people's complaisance, uttering inconsistent half-truths revealing people's ignorance and human helplessness when facing the Unknown and their path to spiritual enlightenment. This may be the fate of many debates, but it certainly is not the case of Mikao Usui. One question and his whole destiny would change forever.

It all started with a question


One of Mikao Usui's students asked him a question about spiritual enlightenment. Since Jesus says in the Bible that we could do anything that he could do, the students asked their teacher to show them how Jesus used energy healing techniques to heal the mind body spirit using his hands. Usui was unable to do so. This question unleashed Usui's worldwide quest to study the healing practices of Christ.

Mikao Usui's initiating journey began at Chicago where he studied Christian theology, but his studies of Christian scripture failed to reveal the secret of healing methods of Christ. So he returned to Japan, where he tried to find the secret of Buddha's healing methods, as he was also a healer.

The quest for Truth

Some Buddhist priests told Usui something that didn't help him at all, but didn't discourage him either. Although Buddha healed the body, it has been long since Buddhist practice had abandoned that in favor of a mystical approach.

If spiritual enlightenment was ever about following rules, one could conceivably create a system that would lead to spiritual enlightenment and mind body spirit harmony. Well, that's not how it works. Mikao Usui intuited that at the end of his years of study. He had to find the right place and to achieve the right state of mind to discover the magical healing secret.

Neither his study of the Japanese translations of Buddhist texts, nor the Chinese texts Usui studied during his travel to China, nor the study of Sanskrit in order to go deeply into Buddha's original texts helped him with his pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

All the knowledge he stored during these years gave him one certainty: the symbols are useless if you don't know how to deal with them. They are only tools. Tools that become functional in the hands of the initiated.

The defining moment

In 1922 he reached the culmination of his journey - the holy mountain of Kurama. The 21 days Mikao Usui spent on the mountain became a symbol of body cleansing and spiritual enlightenment through the purification ritual that implies reiki meditation and fast.

Famished and discouraged, at the end of his wits, Mikao Usui saw an enormous white light in the sky, a divine intervention, the moment the symbols he had studied in the ancient Buddhist texts unrolled in front of his eyes, and he had the revelation how these ancient symbols can work. Moreover, on the holy mountain, Mikao Usui felt charged with an energy healing force that will guide his life ever since.

After having this spiritual enlightenment experience on the holy mountain of Kurama in the spring of 1922, Mikao Usui succeeded to activate these tools and used them to develop "palm healing", a healing through alternative medicine which can transfer vital energy healing power through his own palms. What Mikao Usui did was to reveal a thousand years old spiritual reiki practice and to bring it to light again.

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