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heal your life with sbi


What is Animal Reiki? - Heal pets with Reiki

The human animal bond is always free of the hiccups in human relationships and for many people there is nothing like the emotional rewards of owning a pet. This is why there are so many animal stories with people turning to animal reiki to treat their pets.

Animal Reiki benefits


Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses or other animals, you can use reiki energy to heal your pets. Animal reiki is a pet therapy that channels reiki energy through the reiki healer's hands into the pet's body.
In some case, animals may not be near you or they are very small or fearful and may better receive animal Reiki energy distantly.

Animal communicators help people and animals to deepen their understanding of each other and resolve the challenges (physical, emotional, and spiritual) that arise in their lives, including helping them to:

  • understand each other and their purpose together;
  • understand physical illnesses and injuries;
  • understand each other when the animal's behavior is puzzling or seems inappropriate;
  • find each other when the animal is lost or missing;
  • communicate with each other as an animal nears his transition and after he has made a transition from this world.

What illnesses can Reiki treat?


Animals respond intuitively to Reiki energy to heal emotional or and physical illnesses. Reiki energy can heal most animal diseases. What you must know is that a reiki healer is not a regular vet and cannot diagnose your pet, give medical advice or prescribe medicines or perform surgeries.
Animals can be treated using reiki healing symbols at physical, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki can release paint and accelerate the healing process of mostly any kind of disease, by providing the animal with all the supplementary energy he needs for the healing process.
The only animal diseases that cannot be treated with animal reiki are rabies and the nerves disease, when the animal becomes very nervous, agitated and refuses the treatment. In the same way, Reiki cannot treat human nerves diseases, schizophrenia and similar psychopathic cases when the patient is not fully conscious, agitated and refuses treatment.

Animal Reiki ethics

1. An animal reiki healer respects animals will and always asks for their permission before starting any treatment.

2. He/she never imposes his will on the animals and does not force them to accept the healing.

3. He/she considers animals as being equal partners in the healing process.

4. At the end of the treatment, the animal reiki healer will thank the animals for accepting his treatment and for what he/she could learn from them.

5. Depends on animals personalities, these may thank their healer by liking their hands at the end of the treatment.

All natural pet health care cures your animal's illness, but it may sometimes lead to a peaceful death. You should know that Reiki doesn't change the natural flow of events, but makes them more beautiful, like a dose of love.

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