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Spiritual messages and your destiny

Our spiritual messages guides do their best to grab our attention and to communicate with us through spiritual messages. However, we often miss their signs, seeing them as mere coincidences or products of our imagination.

Our spiritual guides tell us to pay attention to everything's that around us, like patterns that appear in our lives, in response to any of our questions or prayers. When you hear the same song over and over again or see the same number sequence repeatedly, it's a sign that your guides are trying to tell you something.

Spiritual messages and experiences like deja vus, premonitions or synchronicities confirm that we, as seekers of a Higher Force, are making progress on our spiritual journey. If we stop our quest, we may not continue to receive these signs.

Some types of spiritual messages and experiences include:

vincent's gallery

deja vus A deja vu (French for "already seen") is often explained as a short circuit between perception and memory. The opposite of deja vu is jamais vu, ("never seen"), the feeling that a familiar situation is totally strange. People who believe in Reincarnation claim that deja vu is a result of reincarnation and in a past life for instance, you did see a certain person or been on some street before.


Premonitions are hints into the future whereas deja vu is a feeling of repeating an instance of the past. Premonitions coming in a waking state are much clearer than in dreams because in dreams they are usually disguised as symbols and tend to remain unclear. You can learn to understand the most frequent symbols by trying to distinguishing them and related emotional tones.

Premonitions may act as intuitive warnings occurring at an unconscious level and may result in people unknowingly alter their plans.

The reason why some people have premonitions while others don't is that some of us are more open to psychic suggestion. One explanation for our diminished psychic abilities is that, due to extreme technological advancements, we have become less intuitive and more distracted by the overwhelming noise and stress factors from all around us.


Synchronicities are signs coming from our spirit guides giving us direction and confirmation on issues that deeply concern us, like a friend, a job decision or anything else that concerns us. When synchronicities occur, you gain a deeper understanding of something that you intuitively know to be true and maybe the universe is trying to tell you something.

When you experience a given synchronicity, ask yourself

- What symbols do you recognize?

- What do these symbols mean to you, personally, at that particular time?

- How does it make you feel?

vincent's gallery

Carl Jung, who first used the term Synchronicity, defined it as "revealing the meaningful connections between the subjective and objective world". Deepak Chopra refers to synchronicities, as "messages from the unmanifest - they are like angels without wings, so to speak, sudden interruptions of life by a deeper level..."

In the language of Paulo Coelho, it would be communication with the Soul of the World. For those of you who haven't yet read Coelho's novel, The Alchemist, it's a symbolic story about following our dreams and ultimately fulfilling our mission as creators. We are guided by numerous signs on our wellness travel path of exploration and self-discovery.

To receive spiritual messages, all you have to do is slow down, meditate or listen to your intuition. Read more reiki studies, find out more about kahuna reiki or huna reiki. Allow yourself to just stop and rest, so that spiritual guides can flow their messages to you. Sometimes, you have attracted someone into your existence for a learning lesson, whether you are aware of it or not.

If you want to discover and expand your spiritual abilities, just ask "where and how can you develop your gifts?" and then pay attention to the spiritual messages appearing in your life. You may receive them in a dream, meditation, something in a book, a song on the radio, it can be anything. All you have to do is slow down and listen to your intuition.

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