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Divine Intervention

Enlightenment of Mikao Usui

Reiki healing techniques are closely related to Mikao Usui's name. It is evidence of divine intervention that he rediscovered the vital energy, which can be transferred through the healer's palms.

Usui's pursuit for knowledge

Reiki energy has always existed and always will exist, like an energy field that doesn't need any reason to be. What Mikao Usui did was to simply rediscover a vital energy that had been long forgotten and through divine intervention, he recovered reiki.

The traditional story of how Usui Reiki was formed goes something like this: Mikao Usui went to seek enlightenment concerning how he could heal, he climbed to the top of Mt. Kurama for a 21 day meditation and fasting ritual asking for this knowledge.

He went first to the monastery of Kioto and then to a mountaintop in Japan where he underwent a 21 day purification, fasting and meditating. Mikao Usui knew well that enlightenment is a gift, which requires sacrifice. His ritual vow that he would not come down from the top of Kurama until he discovered the secret of healing gave him the strength to survive the 21 days.

The attunement on Mt. Kurama

visualizationFamished and discouraged, at his wits' end, Mikao Usui saw an enormous white light in the sky which struck him in the middle of the forehead. It is the crucial moment of divine intervention, the moment the symbols he had studied in the ancient Buddhist texts unrolled in front of his eyes, and he had the revelation how these ancient symbols can become functional.

Moreover, on the holy mountain, Mikao Usui felt charged with a healing energy, an energy that will lead his life ever since. On the last day, he encountered the enlightenment on the holy mountain of Kurama in the spring of 1922.

At the end of this initiating experience, Mikao Usui received the power of healing and his pursuit of spiritual enlightenment came to an end. Mikao Usui spent his life practicing and teaching the system he created and named it a '"Method to Achieve Personal Perfection'', essentially an approach on the vital energy that helps the body to heal itself and, widening its parameters, also to discover its inner self.

A heritage of new age healing

Both Mikao Usui's initiating journey and the fabulous spiritual enlightenment on the mountain of Kurama became crucial moments in the history of Reiki. Generosity is inherent in Reiki since the vital energy the practitioner accesses through its practice is an infinite supply, enriching both the Reiki practitioner and those with whom he shares it.

In the following years, Reiki training and new age healing became far more accessible to the people. Today there are at least 200,00 Reiki Masters in the world giving healing attunements and more than one million reiki practitioners. These numbers grow every day, making the world a better place.

The amazing thing about spiritual enlightenment is that along with this energy comes wisdom, insight, knowledge, peace, healing, compassion and light and you become aware of the divine intervention in your life.

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