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Types of Energy

Essential Knowledge

The word Energy has one common meaning and a much deeper one. The everyday meaning is force, power, strength and decision in everything you do. The deeper level of understanding the types of energy is based on the quantum physic discoveries that everything in this universe is simply energy vibrating rapidly so that it takes physical form, including the objects around us.
Scientists have shown that our thoughts can actually mold energy. Our thoughts and feelings send out powerful types of energy vibes with which we create both our behavioral patterns and what we see in life.

We are extensions of Source Energy


We are all physical extensions of source energy and cannot separate ourselves from that which we really are. Our true awakening is when we understand that negative emotions are the anomaly in our life and that we are all made of pure positive types of energy.
To mold the energy into different reiki healing methods and give our desires a physical form, we need to bring ourselves into alignment with what we are asking for. Basically, energy alignment means that Source Energy is flowing freely within us.
The law of attraction states that when you let the Source Energy flow freely, your goals and dreams are naturally attracted to you. We have accumulated many negative beliefs from past experiences or collective consciousness that block the free flow of energy.

Align with source energy

If your life isn't exactly what you have planned it to be, then start to pay attention to your dominant thoughts. Acknowledge that your thoughts are not really yours, but your attention is. Observe how you feel and use your feelings as radio frequencies to attune to Source Energy.
Many stories tell you that when you start to apply the law of attraction, it is so important to act in alignment with Source Energy. This is when we feel happy, energized, enthusiastic, joyful, content and content.
Take time to see what is going on inside you and identify the feelings you are having. Acknowledge your negative thought, accept its presence and then replace it with a constructive one. You are experiencing exactly what you're supposed to be experiencing so you can learn and grow. It is ultimately about how you feel, more than the thoughts crossing your mind.

Shift your energy


Whenever you're feeling down, try to identify the feeling you are having and then replace it with a more empowering thought.
Did you know that you could change your thoughts by a simple shift of your emotions? Put on your favorite music, make a list of all the things you are truly grateful, there's a reason why they call it "counting your blessings", play with your pet. Think of it as untraditional medicine. These are ways that will put you in a state of joy, by raising your vibrational frequency.
When you keep choosing happy thoughts, your thoughts and feelings start feeling better immediately. Think the thoughts of what you want and life stops happening to you. It starts to happen for you, for your dreams and for your ultimate happiness. And always keep in mind that our life is the result of what we have created by molding different types of energy. Now you can choose what to create.

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