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Discover the story of Chujiro Hayashi

Most of us learn best by good example. Moreover, there's a lot to learn from closely examining the history of a man and his quest for enlightenment, Chujiro Hayashi, an extraordinary healer. Complementary and alternative medicine became a vital science in the last few years.

Whenever traditional medicine fails, alternative medicine is invoked. That's why spiritual practices as Chujiro Hayashi's cannot be omitted. Discover who Chujiro Hayashi was and what he did for humanity.

Reiki outside of Japan

Chujiro Hayashi

Taking the japanese reiki healing out of the country is the mark of Chujiro Hayashi, an outstanding disciple of Mikao Usui. Using a technique commonly called "palm healing", practitioners of this form of complementary medicine are transferring healing, vital energy through their own palms.

Born in 1879, Chujiro Hayashi is considered to be Usui's main disciple and the second Grand Master of Reiki history.

His graduation from the Imperial Marine Academy in 1915, along with his experience as a doctor on a training ship, was the foundation of his future career as a healer, as it seems that this was his true vocation.

Chujiro Hayashi employed Reiki to treat his patients, which is the reason why, in 1925, he began studying with Usui. In 1926 his master died, so Chujiro Hayashi decided to take over Usui's clinic. It is this clinic where Chujiro Hayashi initiated Hawayo Takata. Moreover, he helped her bring Reiki to Hawaii.

He also moved the clinic from Nakano to Shinaco Machi. But Hayashi was not the man to take over a healing practice without trying to bring his own contribution to this life philosophy. Thus, he tried to continuously improve Reiki spiritual practice and simplify the usui reiki level system. Between 1930 and 1931, he named his master's healing system "Chujiro Hayashi Reiki Ryoho Kenkyukai". He initiated about 17 Reiki Masters. He ritually ended his life by committing Seppuku' on May 10th 1940.

A brilliant mind

Chujiro had the brilliant intuition that the western people prefer an intuitive knowledge, while the Asians are known to have a more complex, mystical thinking. Thus, he substantially simplified the codified Reiki techniques, knowing that it should be easy for people out of Japan to find their way around this japanese healing method.

Before Chujiro Hayashi unleashed any new emotional health techniques on an unsuspecting public, he conducted and taught an easier set of healing practices. Some of these innovations consist in a set of fixed hand positions in order to be used during a treatment session. Chujiro Hayashi abandoned his master's more mystical means of diagnosing the patient's problem for a simple, clean system, based on Reiki spiritual techniques because he knew that cramming too much mystical information into people's minds creates confusion.

He systematically followed his destiny of a healer Master of Reiki, beginning with his experience as a naval physician, continuing with the clinic he took over from Usui, the students he trained, ending with the Reiki system he created and the spread through the whole world, ennobling humanity with a precious gift.

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