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The Usui Reiki Symbols Revealed


A symbol is a communication tool that simply represents a complex of person, object, group, or idea, meant to shift your consciousness or unconsciousness towards a special meaning. So, symbols represent a very specific energy, but are not that energy in itself.

The Usui Reiki attunement process used five reiki symbols. As said earlier, Reiki symbols are not the Reiki itself, but they help you increase a certain aspect of the Reiki energy. More precisely, Reiky symbols are keys of the Universe that open the gates to the spiritual dimensions.

Reiki is generic term made up of two Japanese words (Rei means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki is "life force energy") that describe many types of healing and spiritual work. The term Reiki is not exclusively related to the healing system based on Dr. Usui's healing method, as this is called the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Here is a brief outline of the Usui Reiki symbols:


The Reiki Power symbol - Choku Rei (Koo-Ray")

The general meaning of Choku Rei is 'Place the power of the universe here'. This symbol can be used to increase the power or flow of Reiki and focus the energy at a specific location.

It can be used as an energy blessing for various possessions, objects such as your car, animals, plants, food (to change the vibration) or worn as an amulet of protection. The Power Symbol can also be used to cleanse a room of negative energy; or to seal a treatment.


The Mental/Emotional symbol - Sei He Ki
(pronounced as: 'Say-Hay-Key')

Sei He Ki has a general meaning of 'God and man become one'. The Sei Hei Ki is a higher vibrational symbol and represents peace and harmony. It is also the gate to your subconscious.

Sei Heki means: 'I have the key' or 'the mindset of those who don't fall apart' and it eliminates negative energies. This symbol is also used to break negative beliefs, addictions, emotional trauma and limiting emotions like anger, frustration or jealousy.


The Reiki Distance Healing symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
(pronounced as: "Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen")


The Healing symbol has a general meaning of "No past, no present, no future" or "The light in me meets the light in you".

The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol is used when sending Reiki energy to someone at a distance in place and in time, as the symbol follows your intention. By sending light into your past, you counterbalance the sum of energies that stand at the ground of your present, so that you shift your future into a positive light.

It can also transform itself into a key that will unlock the Akashic Records. Simplified, Akashic Records is an infinite cosmic library also referred to as the collective mind or the collective consciousness or the collective unconscious.

People specially gifted and trained can read into these records and become aware of what ails a soul on earth. For example, your Akashic record reading can tell you things about who you are and your mental patterns, information which can profoundly change your life.


The Reiki Communication Symbol - Shika So

It is mostly drawn on the throat chakra to unlock it. Most problems related to the throat chakra occur in women due to communication problems.

By blocking the throat chakra, thyroid and parathyroid illnesses become imminent, so usually metabolic unbalances are strictly related to communication problems. This symbol can also be drawn upon an entire group of people to establish bridges communication.

You can also use Shika So to find an answer in the Universe. It is said that the answer lies right in the question. You send out an energy and after making a wave it returns with the answer. In other words, if any question has an answer it means that the question resonates with the answer, so you can reach the answer by sending light upon the question.


The Reiki Heart Symbol - Shika-sei-ki

It is used on the 4th chakra (the heart) to clean it and eliminate all the negative energies. This symbol is very important as the soul is our main energy. It is used in case of sadness, anger, heartaches, or tiredness.



The Reiki Master Reiki Symbol - Dai Ko Myo
(pronounced as "D'eye Koh Mee-oh)

Dai Ko Myo would be the connection of one's true nature to the light, or Reiki source and it refers to Enlightenment.

This is a 3rd degree Master symbol and is the most powerful of all Reiki symbols. The symbol is hardly used for anything else rather than to remind you that Reiki is love and there is enough for everybody.


The Completion Reiki Symbol - Raku (pronounced as Rah-koo)

The Raku symbol is used exclusively during the final stage of the Reiki attunement process. Its intention is to ground and seal the newly awakened Reiki energies and close the chakras.


One of the most important Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which frees the body's natural healing abilities and improves and maintains overall health. The Reiki healing system works with the Higher Self of the Receiver to promote health and well being of the entire physical, emotional and psychic body























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