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Reiki Therapy
Complementary and alternative medicine

Reiki therapy is a complementary and alternative medicine that can improve the quality of your life, if you are open to receiving it. Reiki can be a very exciting experience and change your life in a wonderful way.
Basically, it is a set of energy healing techniques that use the power of Source Energy. Reiki therapy is different than other healing methods because it has no medicines or tools for healing illnesses.
Reiki only involves the transfer of energy from the reiki practitioner to the patient, which stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself by balancing the energy levels. All a therapist has to do is direct his or her energy towards the patient's body through the hands and meditation.

How does Reiki therapy work?

reiki therapy

To receive Reiki treatment, all you have to is find a Reiki therapist and allow him or her to conduct therapy sessions on you.
The entire process is based on the energy transfer from the practitioner towards your body. The energy is directed using Reiki symbols to visualize the energy, but the symbols are mere representations of the energy and not the source itself.
Our bodies are all energy that is either free flowing or stuck in some points. The Universal Life Energy is the basis of Reiki and the whole idea is to control this energy and use it to heal, improve and balance ourselves and others.


Benefits of unlimited reiki system natural healing:

  • it brings about deep relaxation
  • destroys all energy blockages
  • tries to detoxify the system
  • refreshes the body
  • increases the vibrational frequency of the body

Reiki therapy can offer you tremendous help, especially if you experience terminal illnesses. Usually, when all conventional medicines fail, Reiki can step in and help improve your overall condition. The Reiki therapy is used on a wide scale these days in helping people with cancer, autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis, to manage their conditions better.

Reiki therapy can also help in treating addictions, mental disorders and emotional issues. Also, people suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks can benefit from Reiki therapy as well. It can also help people eliminate negative habits like drugs, alcohol or smoking.

What does a session imply?

A Reiki therapy session is full-body treatment procedure which can last for half an hour or more, depending on the therapist's abilities. You may have a sensation of warmth or tingling on certain points of the body and it's perfectly normal. During the session, you may be asked to lie on a table or a couch while the practitioner will place his or her hands on or above your body.

Through the practitioner's reiki healing hands, the energy is channeled from the body's chakras, starting from the head and working its way down. It will move to eliminate the blockages that are causing illnesses and spiritual turmoil.

So, Reiki therapy ranks to Complementary and alternative medicine, can treat the mind, body, emotions and spirit. A Reiki session brings you feelings of peace and well-being, lowers the stress levels, improves sleep, boost learning abilities, energizes the body and can work in parallel with forms of healing.

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