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Throat chakra activation

How to eliminate communication blockages

throat chakra

Located midway between the heart and the tongue, the Throat chakra is associated with creativity, self-expression, writing, clairaudience (receiving messages from another realm), hearing sounds, words and music, taste and smell. This reiki chakra is also responsible for absorbing physical and emotional affection and it holds the gateway to inner and outer worlds. According to the Tibetan Buddhist's Theory of Chakras, the throat chakra is connected to the dream state of consciousness and they use it to access the dream state and to practice lucid dreaming. The role of the throat chakra is to take responsibility for our actions and the spiritual lesson includes faith, confession, giving up to personal will for divine will.

Gemstones and Flower Essences that stimulate and cleanse the throat chakra:

Gemstones: Turquoise, Sodalite, Amazonite Chrysocola, Lapis, Blue Opal

Flower Essences: Cosmos, Trumpet Vine, Larch

throat chakra location


Aromatherapy for this reiki chakra includes:

- Benzoin

- Sage

- eucalyptus

- frankincense


You know that your throat chakra is balanced, when you:

- Express yourself easily

- Are able to accept things as they are

- Find ways of dealing with situations.

- Have the power to make changes.

- Are able to take responsibility for your personal needs.

When the throat chakra is weak or blocked, you feel:

When you don't have enough flow of love to the Heart Chakra, you may try to compensate by wanting physical nourishment through the Throat Chakra. You may experience:

- Difficulty in speaking or uttering the right words

- Trouble swallowing

- Hyperthyroidism

- Sore throats Feel resistant to change.

- The compulsive need to eat

- Unable to accept things, and work with situations

- The world as a hostile and expect hostility, violence, and humiliation rather than    love and nourishment.

When the throat chakra is overactive, you feel the need to control things and other people's lives.

How to balance the throat chakra

throat chakra

You can balance the throat chakra using chakra meditation, music and reiki meditation. You can even start taking some reiki classes to learn more about reiki attunment and the reiki art of balancing your being.
To easily communicate what you feel, start by saying it out loud, alone and with intention. Think of it as a rehearsal for a later event, as the mind can't make the difference between what's real and imagination. Imagine the person in front of you and start saying what you want to communicate. Your brain will store this information as one a communication success.
You can also do chakra cleansing through dance, music and singing. By the law of attraction, if you put yourself in a state of calmness, you will attract more of it to sustain your happy feeling.
Or, surround yourself with blue, as blue reiki energy gives us a feeling of calmness, peace and open communication. One other thing you can do to balance this reiki chakra is to repeat positive affirmations about self-expression, such as "I speak freely and clearly" or "I speak my truth with confidence".
It's been proven that more water intake, eliminating cigarettes and consuming dairy products helps to loosen up the neck & shoulders and clear the voice. Plus, try and see how you feel after reading a poem aloud or singing along with your favorite tunes, you'll feel how vibrations and rhythms improve your state body, down to cellular level.

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