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Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki

Is Tibetan Reiki the oldest reiki style?

Wei chi tibetan reiki is considered by many to be the oldest reiki style. Many reiki masters believe that what we call Tibetan Reiki is the healing art that practiced in the times of Buddha or Jesus.

Wei chi tibetan reiki is a rediscovered system through channeled information from Wei Chi (Tibetan shaman, who lived 5,000 years ago) received by Dr Kevin Ross Emery and . Along with his brothers, Wei Chi was the creator of the original reiki system.

Because reiki tibetan uses the oldest symbols coming from ancient civilizations, including Tibetan, Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantean, South American, the diversity of it's clear that this technique has been known at different times in different areas of our planet.

So the question that rises is: does Tibetan Reiki actually come from Tibet?

Takata Sensei's story about the Reiki origins speaks about Usui Sensei having discovered a ‘key' of healing in the Buddhist Sutras. Besides, we know that Usui was a Buddhist monk, so these are the first signs that Reiki has a Buddhist origin.

Arthur Robertson (student of the Japanese reiki master Iris Ishikuro, who was trained by Mrs. Takata between 1973 and 1980), was one of the first to formulate the idea that Reiki was an ancient forgotten healing technique rediscovered by Usui.

So, here we have the reiki tibetan usui shiki ryoho polemic, on which one is the oldest. These theories forget to mention that the symbols used by Usui are Japanese, written with Kanji characters and not Tibetan characters. Japanese Kanji characters have been adopted from the Chinese Alphabet.

The techniques and symbols of Wei chi tibetan reiki offer a better connection to Source energy, bringing in the balance, the healing as well as the spiritual evolution. The Tibetan Reiki also works on the Kundalini energy. It also emphasizes on the awakening of the Divine-one-within, on the purification through Knowledge and offers a different perspective on Reiki.

The so-called Tibetan Reiki also considers as very important the activation of the Merkabes (the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms).

The symbols used in what we call Tibetan Reiki are however very ancient and confirm the hypothesis that this is the oldest Reiki style known so far. Symbols like: Shiva's Drum, Eye of Horus, El OM, Star of David, En An Ra Hu, etc. are already reputed for being known from very ancient times.

The answer to whether is Wei chi tibetan reiki the oldest style, the answer is yes, but it cannot be said that the so-called Tibetan Reiki is actually Tibetan.

Wei chi tibetan reiki is a style that uses ancient wisdom and old Reiki symbols coming from different areas (Tibet, Egypt, Lemuria, Atlanta, South America, Peruvian Andes, Hebrew Kabbalah, etc) and these techniques had been known since immemorial times on different continents and appear to have been used by ascended masters like Buddha and Jesus.

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