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How I Discovered Reiki and
The Life Force Energy


My name is Robert Sowinski. I am 29 years old and I come from Poland. I am currently living in New Zealand, finding my true spiritual path in life. Let me explain...

When I was 10 years old, I had what you might call a spiritual awakening. One day I suddenly began hearing an internal monologue; a voice inside my head. It made me wonder. Where does this voice come from? Who creates my thoughts? Does everyone hear this?

Many of us take our inner voice for granted - but as a 10-year-old boy it astounded me to have what seemed like a separate intelligence forming all my conscious thoughts... This was the moment I realized that I was not merely a physical brain in a physical body. I was a spiritual being in a physical world - and it was my mission to explore it.

Discovering The Life Force Energy

As a teenager, I was bullied at school. My dad encouraged me to start Martial Arts training so if things got really bad, at least I could defend myself. Looking back, I can see it was no accident that I started Martial Arts. It was a further step into my spiritual awakening.

My instructor taught me about the Eastern philosophies of the life force energy; that it flows through us and all around us. I learned how powerful this energy could be - to the point that some Martial Artists even use it in combat. This powerful, invisible stuff defied science but I knew it was there. I could feel it.

After that I learned how to meditate. I also learned the Nishino Breathing Method to relax and de-stress my body. It involved taking energy from the Earth and channeling it into my own body - to help ground me and restore balance.

Whenever I felt depressed by life, being bullied or put down by other people, I lost myself in meditation and Nishino Breathing. It helped me immensely. With this simple energy technique, I was able to restore my faith in myself and take life's challenges head-on.


How I Discovered Reiki

Fast forward into my twenties. A few years ago, I met Emily. She practiced the arts of Reiki and Seichim - and soon began telling me all about it. I learned that Reiki is the practice of channeling the life force energy that I already knew existed. I could manipulate the energy in myself and other people, and use it to create mental, physical and emotional balance.

Emily introduced me to a Reiki Master, Miroslawa Rzanek, who agreed to be my teacher. She guided me through my first degree and gave me the necessary attunement, which opened me up to a greater flow of life force energy.

After that first attunement, my life changed completely. My mind opened up to the amazing possibilities of the spiritual universe. I was bombarded with new insights and understanding. And the more I learned, the more I realized: I knew nothing.

Within a year, Miroslawa told me I was ready to move on to my second degree. She continued my training, teaching me about new Reiki symbols and the famous Third Eye chakra. In time, my Master gave me my second attunement, which set me on the path I'm on today: training in the third degree to become a Reiki Master myself.


What I Can Teach You

Do I have all the answers in life? No - far from it! As a Reiki practitioner, I am opened up to greater spiritual energy than most people. But like I say, the insights I receive are so overwhelming, I am still confused by the complexities of our existence. All I know is this: there are no accidents, and everything happens for a reason. I am on my own spiritual journey and you are on yours. There is a reason you're reading this now :)

I made Essential Reiki as a portal for both beginners and advanced Reiki practitioners. I want to teach the symbols and techniques for free, so that more people can benefit from this ancient healing art. Unfortunately, I've seen many commercial styles of Reiki on the internet trying to convince people they need multiple attunements to complete each degree. This is not true. So please, if you want to learn Reiki, find a responsible Master. You will find links to many of them on this site, so you can seek out your required attunements when the time comes.

Once I become a Reiki Master, I will have eight more advanced levels to attain (much like Black Belt Dans) until I am at the same level as Miroslawa. So while I am not the most advanced Reiki practitioner you will ever meet, I am getting there! And I have already collected a wealth of knowledge over the past few years to pass on to you...

I hope you enjoy the site.

By the way, I created this site using SBI! You may have heard of it. In case you have, you may have also heard about the SBI Scam campaign or encountered it. If you have run across those nasty, fake reviews, you need to check out that link. You might be surprised at the truth!


Best wishes

Robert Sowinski



about me.big

Me and my friend Howard


My Reiki Master 'Mirka'


Me and my Mum in very cold water :-)


My home town in Poland


Me and my Tkd Master in Belgium


Hastings, UK



My Mum, my Brother and Me


Diving in Spain :-)

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