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Sacral chakra and it's purifying function

sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is situated right below the navel and controls the sexual organs and reproductive system, the kidneys and the bladder. Its energy also governs the circulatory and lymphatic systems, plus the urinary tract which eliminates the toxins out of the body. Essentially, the Sacral Chakra represents the spleen in men and the uterus in women.
Indian teachings place a lot of emphasize on o celibacy, in order to raise and transmute this powerful sexual energy to the brain, to achieve higher levels of consciousness. When the sacral chakra is open, you have a lot of sexual energy and sexual power, and when it is blocked, your sex drive is weak.
The color for the Sacral chakra is orange and the related element is water, which symbolizes purification, ritual bathing, sanctified water. The connection with the Sacral chakra, also a purifying force, is obvious.
Since the life energies that generate through the second chakra move up into the higher chakras, its role is to stimulate desires and ideas, to awaken sexuality, procreation, pleasure and creativity. Connected to water, and since the moon is connected to all waters, the Sacral chakra is also assigned to lunar symbols. The collective unconscious and depths of the subconscious mind are substantially influenced by the moon.
The second Chakra is closely related with the astral level and that's why this chakra awakens unknown powers of intuition and psychic abilities. If the first chakra is essentially the survival center, the second chakra is the energy reiki and information center relating to our emotions.

An open and balanced chakra is when:


- You have a lot of sexual energy and sex drive

- You are comfortable with sexuality

- You are able to express your power easily

- You have a lot of physical energy, a strong sex drive,   natural health and healing energy, and a joy of life.


You have an overactive chakra when:

- you have excessive or uncontrolled power or sexual energy

- you are obsessed with sex and find it difficult to think about anything else.

- you may have problems with guilt and sin, especially in the religious sense: the   body is sinful, or sex is dirty.

Your chakra is blocked when:

- your sexual sensations are weak and disappointing.

- you may have a low sex drive and tend to avoid sex and minimize its   importance.

How to balance the sacral chakra:


A balanced sacral chakra is a source of inspiration for all our creative exploration. Use color therapy to balance the chakra by wearing orange clothes and gemstones, including fire opal or moonstone. To counterbalance this chakra, wear purple and gemstones like amethyst.
Eat foods like oranges and carrots to balance the chakra or purple foods like blackberries and eggplant for a hyper active chakra. Music and dancing can also help you stay connected with your inner self and your sacral chakra. Keep balance in the sacral chakra by experiencing your feelings as they come instead of burying emotions and dwelling in the past. Burn or smell essential oils, such as sandalwood, jasmine, orange blossom or sage, to help you.

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