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Chakra symbols and colors

Springtime is already here and it's all about blossoming nature, awakening and colorful perception, so it's the best time to talk about chakra symbols and color meanings. Reiki chakras are not entirely one-colored, but they may also contain different colors simultaneously and are determined by your mood, life experiences or other people's energies.

Here are the 7 reiki chakra symbols with their dominant colors:


Red - Root chakra It represents the element Earth and is related to our basic instincts and our sense of connection to our bodies and the physical realm. To open the Root chakra, use red candles, clothes or lights. The corresponding musical note is: C.




Orange - Sacral chakra It is connected to the element water and it is associated with feelings, sensations and sexuality. The Sacral chakra is also connected to procreation, hence its location in the sexual organs, ovaries and testicles. To open the Sacral chakra, eat oranges and wear orange clothes. The corresponding musical note is: D.


Yellow - Solar plexus chakra It rules our personal power, will and autonomy. It represents our ego, emotions and self-love. Intuition and "gut" feelings are thought to in the solar plexus area. To open this chakra, stay in the sun as much as possible and eat yellow foods. The corresponding musical note is: E


Green - Heart chakra It is related to love and it blends opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, ego and unity. It is also associated with physical healing. To open the Heart chakra, eat many green vegetables and spend time in the nature. The corresponding musical note is: F.


Blue - Throat chakra It is related to true communication, creativity and self-expression. We experience our world through vibrations, like the interpretation of sound as language. To open the Throat chakra, drink a lot of water and use blue candles. The corresponding musical note is: G.


Indigo - Third Eye chakra It is the gate to our sixth sense and allows us to clearly see the Big Picture, by putting life patterns into perspective. It is associated with intuition, clairvoyance, perception, imagination and peace of mind. This gave rise to the notion of Indigo Children. The symbol of the Third Eye chakra is the pyramid. The corresponding musical note is: A


Violet - the Crown chakra When this chakra is open, you connect with the source of life energy. We pull out from the planes of matter, time and perception. The Crown Chakra governs the right brain hemisphere, the right eye, the pineal gland and parts of the nervous system. To attain reiki physical healing and tune your Crown chakra, you need to perform certain meditation exercises. The symbol of this chakra is the lotus. The corresponding musical note is: B.

While the meaning and history behind the reiki chakra symbols and colors aren't necessary to understand before you start your holistic color healing and your chakra stimulation exercises, the chakra symbols may help you visualize the ones you are working with.

We can align with Source Energy by using chakra color balancing meditation. Experiment and decide for yourself what colors work best for the 7 healing chakras.

Chakra Symbols Attributes:

Name Common Name Location Physical Governing Emotional Governing Sense
Muladhara Root Chakra Base of spine sacral plexus Organs of excretion, adrenals Survival, primal instinct Smell
Swadhisthana Sacrum/Sacral Chakra Genitals fluids Gonads, reproductive organs Self-acceptance, emotion, sexual energy Taste
Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra Navel Pancreas, abdominal organs Self-will, mental acuity, sense of identity Sight
Anahata Heart Chakra Heart area Thymus, lungs Compassion, love, healing Touch
Vishudha Throat Chakra Laryngeal pluxus Thyroid Self-expression, speech Hearing
Ajna Third Eye Chakra Between the eyebrows Pituitary gland Intuition, extra sensory perception Sixth sense, higher mind
Sahasrara Crown Chakra Top/crown of head Pineal gland Divinity, peace, enlightenment Beyond sensory


Name Common Name Mantra Element Color Seat
Muladhara Root Chakra Lam Earth Red Primal life force
Swadhisthana Sacrum/Sacral Chakra Vam Water Orange Creativity
Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra Ram Fire Yellow Subconscious emotion, ego, will
Anahata Heart Chakra Yam Air Green Love
Vishudha Throat Chakra Ham Ether Blue Creative expression, communication
Ajna Third Eye Chakra Aum Time Indigo Primordial power
Sahasrara Crown Chakra - Space Violet Liberation, All Power, eternal bliss


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