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Dark energy

dark energy

Simply put it, dark energy means blocked energy. Our bodies appear to be solid, but, in fact, we are 99.99% empty space filled with energetic, vibrating atoms, according to quantum physicists.
Our entire body vibrates at a basic frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as the basic electromagnetic field of the Earth. We are literally attuned to the Earth.


How dark energy affects the chakras

Imbalances in the chakras are known as energy blocks and occur when there are unreleased emotions like fear, anger or guilt carried from past experiences or when there's been a lack of love and encouragement.
Having constant negative thoughts plying in our mind makes the chakras become filled with dense, dark energy, preventing them from providing enough vital energy for the body.
When the chakras are functioning normally, each one will be open and spinning properly to metabolize the particular energies needed from the universal energy field. The energy remains blocked between the chakras and the whole energy transfer is disturbed.
Energy blockages usually happen before high-school, due to some unreleased emotions like fear, guilt or anger, depression and lack of love. After adolescence there is less pressure and people begin to reverse the process and start opening their chakras. No one can be completely healed unless the chakra system is fully restored.
The mental body and the levels of consciousness have a great influence on the physical body, as negative thoughts cause dark energy become dense, preventing chakras from providing the vital energy. The blockages in our vital energy flow between chakras are in fact reminiscences from our childhood or unhappy life experiences.

Negative thoughts create dis-eases

negative energy

Whenever we experience any form of illness, the first thing we have to do is understand that the cause is brought by our own sense of guilt or negative thoughts and feelings created by us upon ourselves. Knowing this, then accepting and forgiving ourselves has an incredible healing power.
Energy reiki techniques (chakra balancing, inner child retrieval, intuitive counseling, spiritual healing, mediumship, past life regression, shaman healing) balance the chakras and clear any energy blockages.

The vibrational harmony allows chakras to function normally, and our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies are integrated into the universal energy field. Reiki healing techniques try to identify where a chakra is unbalanced and healer reiki can see the negative energy as black spots in someone's aura, which is basically a mirror of human equilibrium.
The chakras of a depressed person are usually blocked with dark spots, which are filled with dark energy, which create the imbalance of vital energy flow between the chakras. The lower Chakra, the Root Chakra, the Naval Chakra may be entirely blocked by depression.
Positive thinking is very important in the healing process, allowing the vital energy to flow through the patient's body. What Reiki brings to the world is a marvelous peace of mind, by clearing all dark forces from our body. Clearing these energies allows us to raise our vibrations and develop more love, compassion and joy in our existence.

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