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What is hara line and how it works

The hara line, or central vertical channel of energy, is our anchor in the physical plane.

What is the Hara Line?

We only use a small part of the Kundalini energy - the hara line - and not the fully expanded Pillar of Light. The hara is a major source of power that resides in the aura - inside the tan tien - and which exists on the level of intention. Tan tien is the center of power and intention, located 2,5 inches below the navel.

Imagine the hara line like a vertical line running down the center of the body, having three connecting points.

The Tan Tien

First is the Tan Tien, which is a will center. It preserves our will to exist in our physical form. During a hara treatment, the connection between the Tan Tien and the Earth core become stronger, grounding our will on both the masculine and feminine sides of the body.

The Soul Seat and the Individuation Point

The Tan Tien is connected upwards with the Soul Seat, located under the throat and above the heart. Then the Soul Seat is connected up to the "ID point", or Individuation Point, which is our connection to the Universe.

So, the hara line goes downwards from the tan tien right into the Earth and connects us to our soul's purpose, incarnated into our physical body.

The levels of human energy field

To understand the hara line, here are the human energy fields, as described by Barbara Brennan, reiki practitioner of reiki energy healing therapy:

1. The physical body

2. The etheric body. The aura (has seven levels of human fields, each with seven kundalini chakras) is located along the human spine.

3. The emotional body, which contains the Hara line, which runs vertically up the spine and inside the auric vertical power current

4. The mental body

5. The spiritual body

6. The star body

7. The Soul Star is the inner Divine within all things

Benefits of developing a strong Hara line

The hara line is made of crystalline particles and it connects us to the center of the Earth and to the Source Energy. Strengthening the hara line will also stimulate our chakra system and the human energy fields.

The goal of developing a powerful and aligned hara line is to live easily, effortlessness and joyfully in a state of flow and balance. Having an aligned hara line, allows us to heal ourselves and remain connected with our higher purpose.

The hara stimulation also increases our immune system. During the healing sessions, we are stimulating directly the magnetic energy fields of the earth, which is profoundly healing to the physical body.

How to strengthen the hara line

The first obvious sign of splits in the hara line is that our self-awareness is dramatically limited and we only see a small part of who we are.

With reiki meditation and exercises we can notice when old defenses split the hara in a habitual way. With daily commitment and practice, we start to observe when we are at not aligned with ourselves and how we sabotage our conscious desires / wishes because of old unfulfilled needs.

We should strengthen the hara by:

- working at the physical level

- through martial arts or other sport that strengthens the tan tien and at the aura level

- through reiki meditation and emotional processing that reconnects us to the source of all inspiration

Reiki helps us discover our healing gift of physical healing, which brings us incredible joy and creative pleasure and creates a level of easiness that no longer allows the ego to exist.

kundalini reiki


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kundalini reiki

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